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  • 10th Birthday Stream
    A huge thanks goes out to the Omeka community who sent Birthay messages from around the world, tagged with #Omeka10Years. One of the major themes of these posts show how working with Omeka has been a “gateway drug to DH”. For many, Omeka was the first system they installed or designed content for and have been using it ever since. For example, developer Erin Bell (Curatescape) learned how to code in 2008, “specifically because someone asked me to set up an Omeka site, then asked me to change something.”. Amanda Visconti, Managing Director at UVA’s Scholars Lab, starting usting Omeka in 2009 and “found clear code” which meant she could “figure out what every file did, really understand what w …
  • “Omeka Now Public” for 10 Years
    On February 20, 2008 the Omeka team released its public beta, version 0.9.0., and last week, a few days shy of this 10-year milestone, we released version 2.6. Back in 2008, I don’t think any of us from the original team imagined Omeka celebrating its 10th Birthday. It is time to celebrate and reflect on this journey. Before Omeka existed, the Center’s talented developers created other database-driven systems, like “ADAM” (Adaptable Digital Archive Manager) that powered early online collecting projects, including the Critical Infrastructure Protection Oral History Project and “Site Builder” which ran the beta version of the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank. The platform we now know as “Omeka” b …
  • Meet Omeka Classic 2.6
    For a mid-February treat, we’re releasing the latest version of Omeka Classic, 2.6! The update includes a number of tweaks and fixes, and some small changes to the way things look. The most important change is the switch from reCAPTCHA version 1 to version 2. Google is shutting down the original reCAPTCHA on March 31, 2018. In order to ensure that Omeka Classic sites can continue to use reCAPTCHA, we have changed over to version 2 completely. If you are currently using reCAPTCHA, you will need to register a new key. For information on updating your reCAPTCHA keys in Omeka Classic 2.6, please see the documentation. If you use the HTML option when entering and formatting text, you’ll notice th …
  • Annotating Washington with Exhibit Image Annotation
    I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to a new plugin which will be of particular interest to those of you who work heavily with visual sources: Exhibit Image Annotation. This plugin allows you to add a content block to exhibit pages in which you can annotate an image. While you can only annotate one image per block, you can have multiple image annotation blocks per page. Curious about how it works? Read on: When the Exhibit Image Annotation plugin was ready for serious testing, I wanted to find an image to annotate which could give the plugin a meaningful test drive. I had already created a testing exhibit focusing on the works of Gilbert Stuart, an early American painter, which led me …
  • Major Milestones for the Omeka Team
    Major Milestones for the Omeka Team I couldn’t be more pleased to announce that the Omeka team is releasing the first major point release for Omeka S: 1.0! It is available for download today. We are also revealing a redesigned,, which represents a major undertaking of effort that has happened at the edges of all other pressing design, development, and outreach work. Omeka S 1.0 One year following the Beta, the release of Omeka S 1.0 demonstrates the stability of the platform. Created with funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Omeka S is engineered to ease the burdens of administrators who want to make it possible for their us …

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