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Just to let everyone know that launched its Beta version yesterday!  Two years in the making, this site offers five very reasonably priced hosting plans, beginning with the basic, free plan to a platinum plan (at $999.00 a year). The various plans offer increasing amounts of storage, numbers of sites, and available plug-ins and themes.  The Silver plan, called “best for most users,” offers 2 GB of storage, 5 sites, 7 plugins and unlimited themes for $99.00 a year. is designed to provide a quick and easy way to set up digital collections without much technical expertise. Institutions can quickly create collections, collaborate on exhibitions, and share digital content.

I looked over the packages and was surprised to see that access to the CSVImport plug-in is not provided. I hope this will change. This plug-in allows users to take the exported metadata from non-Omeka collections, add image urls, and import it all into Omeka.  A very useful plug-in! has been compared to – it offers the basics without setup and hosting headaches.  It will be interesting to see how it catches on.  For more info, check out Travis Kaya’s article “ Takes Archiving to the Cloud” in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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  1. Scott Voth (he/him) says

    Tom – Thanks so much for your comments and clarifications. Good luck on the project!

  2. Tom Scheinfeldt says

    Hi Scott – Thanks for the post! We are hoping to offer some import functionality (e.g. CSVImport) in the future, but there are some pretty difficult technical hurdles to overcome first, not least security concerns (what exactly are people uploading in those CSVs?) and load concerns (what would be the effect on performance and uptime if twenty or thirty users all decided to upload 10,000 row spreadsheets at once?) So, something we are definitely aware of and working on, but not something that’s immediately on the horizon. However, I should also say that for some larger institutional users, we may be able to provide a custom import solution as part of a “custom plan.” Anyone interested in that should please get in touch.

    Tom Scheinfeldt

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